“Farmer is looking for a woman”: candidate bursts relationship bomb after the final


“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Patrick with the candidates Antonia (left) and Julia. Image: TVNOW / friese.tv/Andreas Friese

Confession of love after “farmer is looking for a wife” final: candidate drops relationship bomb

Farmer Patrick had actually decided on Julia for “Bauer sucht Frau”, but it didn’t turn into great love. Instead, the young farmer tied up with the nude model Antonia after the shooting ended. She had also tried to find the farmer before, but voluntarily packed her bags during the farm week – the competitive situation was simply not up to her.

In the big reunion show on Monday evening, the two announced that they are in the process of getting to know each other, that they are not yet officially a couple. But the situation has now changed!

Immediately after the grand finale, in which Inka Bause drummed up all of her peasants who were worth pairing up and put them to the test, Patrick and Antonia let the relationship bomb explode.

“Bauer sucht Frau” candidates now firmly together

“Now we are officially and firmly together”, announced the nude model to the portal “infranken.de”. The Hanoverian has already met his friends and after the reunion show has been broadcast, the right moment now seems to have come for the official declaration of love.

It didn’t work out with Julia. Farmer Patrick is now together with Antonia. Image: TVNOW / friese.tv/Andreas Friese

How serious Antonia is is also shown by the fact that she regularly confesses her love to him:

Confession of love on Instagram

The candidate also surprised with a love post on her private Instagram. “And then suddenly you are – my soulmate, my retreat, my home”, she wrote about a couple photo with Patrick. She always wanted him to be “a wonderful friend, buddy and maybe one day a woman,” it continues. She finished her emotional post with the words “I love you so, so much”.

At the moment the two still have a long-distance relationship, seeing each other for several days at a time every two to three weeks, as she reported to the portal. But Antonia does not rule out that she will move to him next year on Lake Constance – if love lasts until then. “I hope that we will keep up with it all, that we will experience a lot together and that we will travel a lot,” said Antonia.



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