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Status: 11.12.2020 9:21 p.m.

Farmers and food retailers have come closer together in the struggle for better prices for farmers. After a four-hour video conference, there are the first promising results, it said.

Rewe, Penny, Lidl and Kaufland want to pay more for pork. The corporations have already announced this. Edeka and Aldi have not yet made any statements about prices. In order to support the farmers financially in the short term, Aldi has brought a joint aid pot from trade and politics into play. When asked by NDR 1 Lower Saxony, the farmers report that they are on the right track.

Are there new brands coming?

Details are now to be dealt with in working groups. In the future there could be an ombudsman to settle disputes between trade and farmers. New trade brands that identify local agriculture are also conceivable. “The companies have now hopefully understood what it really looks like on the farms,” ​​said farmer Jan-Bernd-Stolle from Grossenkneten (Oldenburg district) on Friday. The action alliance “Land Creates Connection” in Lower Saxony recommends farmers to refrain from blockades initially.


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Not much due to the drop in producer prices for meat and dairy products – or they even make a loss. (10.12.2020) 3 min

Rewe will soon pay minimum prices

A Rewe spokesman said on Friday that the farmers wanted to pay minimum prices for pigs from now on. The spokesman did not give exact sums or prices. The discounter Lidl and Kaufland, both of which belong to the Schwarz Group, had already announced on Thursday that they would increase the retail prices for selected pork items by one euro per kilogram. In the past few weeks, the farmers had repeatedly blocked grocer’s stores.


Farmers protest in front of the state parliament in Hanover
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The decline in producer prices for meat and dairy products has resulted in immense financial losses. (10.12.2020) 2 min

Aldi and Edeka under pressure?

The price increases are said to be passed on directly to farmers. The farmers now see the other discounters under pressure. They expect Aldi and Edeka to act similarly. In order to emphasize their demand for fairer producer prices, farmers met on Friday morning for small vigils at many discount store branches. As early as Thursday morning, Lower Saxony’s farmers had their demands for fair prices with ongoing demands Protests brought to the state parliament.

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