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Like a cathedral under the Atlantic!

An underwater tunnel more than ten kilometers long with an underground roundabout has been opened on the Faroe Islands. It connects the capital Tórshavn with the island of Eysturoy and has been open to traffic since Saturday. It is considered the largest infrastructure project in the North Atlantic.

With the toll tunnel, the travel time between Tórshavn and the towns of Runavík and Strendur will be reduced from 64 to 16 minutes, according to operators. After Klaksvík – the second largest city in the Faroe Islands – it now takes 36 minutes instead of 68 minutes.

The submarine roundabout in the center of the tunnel network should be an experience for Faroe Islands holidaymakers in particular: the roundabout designed by Faroeian artist Tróndur Patursson and implemented by architect Eydun Eliasen is permanently illuminated in several colors. It is made of natural rock.

Depending on the lighting, different moods are created in the roundabout of the tunnel. Ceilings and walls are not made of concrete, but natural stonePhoto: dpa

The Faroe Islands with their 50,000 inhabitants and spectacular landscapes are located in the North Atlantic about 500 kilometers southeast of Iceland. They are largely autonomous, but politically belong to the Kingdom of Denmark.

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