Fewer guests, fewer expenses: a meager Amstein tour for Biden


Updated on December 5, 2020, 8:40 a.m.

  • There will be no pompous inauguration for Joe Biden.
  • The US President-elect has now said the ceremony could even take place as a virtual event.

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The elected US President Joe Biden did his compatriots because of Corona-Pandemie to a clearly modified one Inauguration attuned.

It is “highly unlikely” that a million people at January 20th The ceremony will be attended, Biden said at a press conference in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday. “First and foremost, my goal is to protect America and still allow people to celebrate.”

Virtual event at Biden’s inauguration?

Biden said it could be, as was the case with his Democrats’ conference this summer virtual event give. But he cannot yet say exactly what the inauguration will look like in the end. Talks are currently being held with leading members of the Congress.

Biden apparently wanted significantly less than when he was inaugurated Donald Trump spend: According to the “Spiegel”, the still-President had the Rekordbetrag raised $ 107 million.

If Biden’s inauguration turns out to be as predicted by him, the celebration would be cheaper anyway, because less Security and travel expenses would arise. Still, Biden said he did donate greet

New US presidents traditionally lay in front of the Capitol, the parliament building in the capital, in January after the election Washington, solemnly take their oath of office. The first inauguration of Barack Obama, where Biden was sworn in as Vice President, attracted more spectators in 2009 than any other event before Washington.

About 1.8 million people came then. With Trump it was significantly less in 2017, even if he then claimed the opposite.

USA: Coronavirus continues to spread

Biden has in the Corona-Pandemie exercise extreme caution. The spread of the Virus is in the USA still out of control.

According to the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, more than 14.3 million infections have been detected since the pandemic began. The number of deaths is approaching 280,000 – in the past few days there were more than 2,500 daily Deaths recorded in connection with the virus. (msc / dpa)

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Shortly after the announcement of Joe Biden’s victory over incumbent Donald Trump, thousands of people gathered in the US to express their joy at the change in power – including in front of the White House. The best pictures after the decision in the presidential election campaign.

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