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Status: 11.12.2020 6:42 a.m.

FFP2 masks for everyone over the age of 60: That is what Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) promised. This means a stress test for the pharmacies – also in Hamburg.

According to estimates by the Chamber of Pharmacists, there are 640,000 people in the Hanseatic city alone who are allowed to pick up professional masks from pharmacies to protect against corona. Three masks a month, that’s almost two million masks this month alone. Whether you can order these huge quantities so quickly is still unclear, said the President of the Hamburg Chamber of Pharmacists, Kai-Peter Siemsen.

Subscription coupons will not come until January

There are also two other problems. On the one hand: Since Jens Spahn’s plans became known, the prices for the FFP2 masks have increased. And secondly: Nobody can control whether someone goes from pharmacy to pharmacy and gets more than his three masks. Because the health insurances will not send out vouchers until January.

AUDIO: FFP2 mask claim poses problems for pharmacies (1 min)

From Tuesday in pharmacies

The masks should be available in pharmacies from Tuesday at the earliest. They are free in December. From January there will be three masks for two euros. Everyone over the age of 60 and everyone with certain chronic diseases should be entitled to it.

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