First case of British virus mutation in Germany


The virus mutation was detected in Germany for the first time in a person infected with Covid who had traveled from Great Britain. In Denmark there are already 33 cases of this variant, which is widespread in Great Britain.

In Baden-Württemberg, the coronavirus mutation discovered in Great Britain was detected in a woman on Thursday. It is the first known case in Germany, said a spokesman for the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Health. The woman entered Baden-Württemberg from Great Britain via Frankfurt / Main Airport on December 20. She is in domestic isolation.

As it became known on Thursday, are in the neighboring Denmark 33 cases of the new variant of the coronavirus have been detected so far. They are between November 14th and December 14th both in the capital region of Copenhagen and in the regions of North Jutland, Southern Denmark and Zealand have been found, the Danish health institute SSI announced on Thursday. This suggests that the new variant in Denmark Got a foothold, but at a very low level.

To what extent the virus variant spreads faster cannot be said based on the previous data, wrote the SSI in a risk assessment. So far, there are no indications that infection with the new variant is worse or that vaccines are not effective against it.

A mutated variant of the corona virus recently appeared in Great Britain. It is possibly significantly more contagious than the previously known form.

Landing ban is lifted

From Christmas Day onwards, planes from Great Britain will be allowed to land in Denmark again. The flight ban for passenger planes from the United Kingdom will be lifted on December 25th at midnight, the Citizens Service of the Danish Foreign Ministry announced on Twitter on Wednesday evening. However, Danish residents are strongly encouraged not to travel to Denmark and to follow the recommendations of the UK authorities.

Denmark’s Ministry of Justice announced on Tuesday evening that stricter entry restrictions for foreigners residing in the UK would be introduced. These people will no longer be allowed into the country from December 25th until January 3rd. A few exceptions, including relatives and partners of the seriously ill, are still allowed to enter the country if they submit a negative corona test.

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