First coronavirus vaccinations in Karlsruhe and Offenburg – problems with making an appointment


Achim Aisenbrey’s vaccination record has had a new entry since shortly after 2 p.m. on Sunday. “Covid 19” is handwritten under the sticker with the bulky vaccine trade name “Comirnaty”. This makes Aisenbrey one of the first people to be vaccinated against the coronavirus at the Central Vaccination Center (ZIZ) in Karlsruhe.

Hospital staff vaccinated first

At the same time, four mobile teams made their way to care facilities in Offenburg. The ZIZ in the Offenburg trade fair is not expected to start work until January. In Karlsruhe, after the test run on the weekend, there should be first appointments on Tuesday. However, there is apparently a huge crunch in the award process, as several BNN readers report.

The vaccinations are extremely important. You are light at the end of the tunnel.
Achim Aisenbrey, one of the first to be vaccinated at the Central Vaccination Center in Karlsruhe

Achim Aisenbrey no longer has to worry about vaccination appointments. The 35-year-old is one of around 20 employees at the Karlsruhe Municipal Clinic who were selected for the test run on Sunday. As a senior physician, he has been working in the hospital’s Covid ward for months. “Without any discussion” he accepted the vaccination offer. It is an honor to be among the first. “The vaccinations are extremely important. You are light at the end of the tunnel. But we have to realize that the tunnel is still long, ”says Aisenbrey.

The first prick: Philipp Morakis vaccinated Achim Aisenbrey on December 27th during a test run for the central vaccination center in the Karlsruhe Exhibition Center. On the first day, several employees of the municipal clinic were injected with the vaccine next to him.

Photo: Jörg Donecker

The ZIZ at the Karlsruhe Exhibition Center started operations right on time for the nationwide start of the vaccination campaign. However, some departments had to shift extra shifts over the holidays. The important software components for scheduling appointments and the vaccination documentation were not delivered until Christmas, installed and tested in an urgent manner.

Until Sunday morning, lawyers from the city and the city council negotiated with the state about the contract to operate the vaccination center. Karlsruhe’s Mayor Frank Mentrup assumed that the papers would be ready for signature “by Monday morning”. Nevertheless, you want to breathe deeply for a day at the fair. You have to train employees and practice processes, says medical director Andreas Ruf. Therefore, the first vaccination appointments should only be on December 29th.

Difficulty making an appointment

When it comes to scheduling appointments, however, there still seems to be a major problem. Several BNN readers reported difficulties on Sunday, especially with regard to the availability of the nationwide hotline 116 117. Both a 90-year-old from Bruchsal and an 83-year-old from Karlsruhe-Durlach spent a good hour on hold, writes a reader. When one of the women finally got through, she was offered appointments in Stuttgart, Tübingen or Mannheim, but not in Karlsruhe.

A reader from Malsch reports similar experiences when trying to make an appointment for the 82-year-old father via the website He had not received a confirmation by e-mail – “The server probably does not manage the requests due to overload,” speculation said. On the other hand, the queue on the phone crashed after 20 minutes.

Offenburg initially only relies on mobile teams

In a good mood before the sting: 87-year-old Rosa Maria Neu, who lives in the Rösselsbrünnle senior citizen center in Rheinstetten, was one of the first residents to be vaccinated against the corona virus.

Photo: Jörg Donecker

On the other hand, the deployment of mobile vaccination teams in retirement homes in Offenburg began relatively smoothly. In the early afternoon they drove to facilities in Emmendingen, Gengenbach, Lahr and Offenburg. 325 people were vaccinated in the first round, say those responsible. Doctor Helmut Ziegler from Hohberg already received the first injection with the vaccine. The 63-year-old is a member of a team and the vaccination was tested on him under field conditions.

Just a prick
Rosa Maria Neu, resident of the Rösselsbrünnle senior citizen center in Rheinstetten

In Karlsruhe, two mobile vaccination teams started their work at the same time as the ZIZ. The first destination was the senior center Rösselsbrünnle in Rheinstetten, only a few hundred meters from the trade fair. In the early afternoon, the 87-year-old Rosa Maria Neu also gets her corona vaccination there. “Just a prick”, the senior citizen judges in a visibly good mood. In order to move forward as quickly as possible with vaccinations in care facilities, the number of mobile teams in Karlsruhe is to be increased to five over the course of the week.

Vaccine deliveries expected before the end of the year

The local mayor Bettina Lisbach reports that there is great interest among homes, and many have already put together the necessary documents and obtained declarations of consent. Nevertheless, she does not expect the vaccine to run out in the first few days.

Stuck on and entered: Achim Aisenbrey’s vaccination pass is the proof – the 35-year-old doctor has been vaccinated against the coronavirus since December 27th.

Photo: Jörg Donecker

Further deliveries have been announced for Monday and Wednesday. That is why the ZIZ is to be brought up to maximum operation as quickly as possible, in which over 1,000 vaccinations should be possible every day. In Offenburg, the existing vaccine and personnel capacities will initially only be used in mobile teams. Appointments in the ZIZ will probably only be possible from January 5th, when the registration will be activated has not yet been determined.

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