“First Dates” (Vox): Mysterious woman appears – “Can’t be”


First Dates” ( Vox): Mysterious woman appears – “ It can’t be”

This is the Vox show “ First Dates

It is an integral part of the Vox pre-evening program the dome show “ First Dates”. We present the program.

show description

Nasty surprise at “ First Dates“On Vox! The candidate makes big eyes!

Candidate Sascha states that he does not have a certain type of woman – but that is exactly what benefits “ First Dates“-Host Roland Trettl out to trick the single man.

First Dates” ( Vox): Roland Trettl suddenly introduces THIS woman to the candidate

In a good mood, 45-year-old Sascha comes to the “ First Dates“-Restaurant, describes himself in front of the Vox camera as someone with a“ hard shell, but a soft core ”.

The man from Overath has almost no demands on his “first dates”. He “doesn’t care about his height, hair color and length”. But when Roland Trettl introduces him to his date, he seems to be surprised.


This is “ First Dates”:

  • First Dates – A table for two” is a dome show
  • The program has been broadcast on Vox since March 5, 2018
  • In a restaurant, the candidates get to know each other on a blind date
  • First they have a drink at the bar, then they are shown to their table, where they choose a dish and eat together
  • At the end of each episode, the participants decide whether they are interested in a second date


During the conversation with the star chef from Austria, he suddenly interrupts: “There is already someone …” – because suddenly a brown-haired woman is standing in the entrance. The special thing about it: The lady seems to be significantly older than Sascha.

“I was very surprised and thought ‘ Okay, it can’t be'”, he admits in front of the Vox camera.

+++ “ First Dates” ( Vox): The candidate definitely does not want a woman with THIS quality – “ Not so tingly in the long run” +++

First Dates” ( Vox): That’s behind the mysterious woman

But the all-clear follows quickly: the woman has apparently got lost and is looking for her daughter’s studio. “ You would probably prefer your daughter …”, Trettl says ironically to Sasche. And the stranger also confirms: “ Yes, of course, she’s younger.”

After Roland Trettl has led the stranger on the right path, he breaks out in laughter with candidate Sascha. “ You got me pretty close,” he admits – and seems relieved.


More about “ First Dates” ( Vox):


But the single man would have pulled off the date with the lady as well: “ Honestly, I would have sat down with her at the table and listened to her wisdom.”

Fortunately for him, the 46-year-old Melanie comes around the corner. The two get on so well that they even board the “First Dates” photo box together.

How the date usually goes and whether the singles want to meet again can be seen at 6 p.m. on Vox or in the media library on TV Now. (kv)

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