First vaccination administered in a retirement home in Hesse


“And that’s the trick,” says Alexander Klug, anesthetist at the Frankfurt Accident Clinic and employee of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB), after administering the first corona vaccination in Frankfurt. The vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer was given to Florian Bär, an employee of the Hufeland-Haus senior citizens’ home in the Seckbach district of Frankfurt. “I’m always a little excited when it comes to injections,” says the 32-year-old man before the vaccination. The employee of the retirement home looks after the residents. He also comes into close contact with members of the high-risk group. Therefore he can be immunized today.

After the spade, the vaccinating doctor congratulates him: “Congratulations, you are the first Frankfurt resident to be vaccinated!” Says Klug. Then the doctor asks him to sit for a quarter of an hour in the cafeteria, where the other employees are waiting for their vaccinations, and to observe any side effects. “You can tell a bit at the puncture site,” Bär says almost a quarter of an hour after the injection, “but that’s normal.” Florian Bär will have to work until 12 noon today. Then his Sunday shift is over.

In the senior citizens’ home Hufeland-Haus, 44 more people, 25 employees and 19 residents, are to be vaccinated during the day. The ASB prepares the vaccine, which has been cooled to minus 75 degrees Celsius, in the retirement home’s hairdressing salon, which has been spontaneously converted. An ASB employee then transports it to the vaccination room in full protective gear. While the doctor is administering the doses obtained, additional doses are being prepared at the same time. This has to be the case, because the vaccine can be kept for about an hour at room temperature after processing.

In the meantime, a real vaccination frenzy has developed in the in-house cafeteria – while maintaining the safety margin, of course. Thomas Wilfling is among those waiting. The 58-year-old occupational therapist has been working in the retirement home for 29 years. “I am a potentially dangerous person,” he says. And he reports that residents who have tested positive for the virus are also looked after here. That is why it is particularly important to protect yourself and the residents. So far it has been tested five times, luckily the corona tests have always been negative. “After the vaccination, I will definitely be more relaxed internally, but that will not change anything in terms of our specific behavior, ie the protective measures.” The people vaccinated today will receive the second dose in three weeks. “I hope it won’t be another Sunday,” says Wilfling. He laughs.

ASB employees received the vaccine early Sunday morning in the congress center, where a vaccination center had been set up, in the presence of the health department and Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD). “I’m curious to see how it all works,” commented Feldmann on the loading of the material. The vaccine was then transported to the university clinic and in Frankfurt retirement homes. There, too, the vaccinations should be administered during the day.

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