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Status: December 27, 2020 10:40 a.m.

In Hamburg, the first people were vaccinated against the novel corona virus on Sunday. The first dose of vaccination was given to an 84-year-old resident of the Hospital of the Holy Spirit in Poppenbüttel.

Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher and Health Senator Melanie Leonhard (both SPD) attended the start at 11 a.m. A mobile vaccination team will work at the facility for three days. The first doses of the corona vaccine were on the morning of Boxing Day arrived.

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The plan: homes vaccinated at the end of January

Vaccinations will also be carried out in other retirement homes from Sunday, for example in the Alster domicile in Wellingsbüttel. According to a spokesman, it will continue on Monday at Nursing and Living on Finkenau. Hamburg’s homes could be vaccinated by the end of January.

Vaccine is stored in a secret location

Hamburg's First Mayor Peter Tschentscher in front of the Hospital of the Holy Spirit.  © NDR Photo: Peter Feder

Mayor Peter Tschentscher arrives at the Hospital of the Holy Spirit in Poppenbüttel.

The vaccine from the companies Biontech and Pfizer was only in the European Union last Monday approved and the first doses were delivered to the federal states on Saturday in Germany. The Mainz company Biontech delivered the first tranche – it contained 9,750 units. Another tranche with 4,875 vaccination doses is due to arrive on Monday, according to the company’s delivery schedule. The vaccine was produced in Belgium and was delivered by refrigerated truck accompanied by the police. Where exactly the vaccines are stored is a secret.

Needs two injections

Since two injections are always necessary for vaccination protection, more than 14,500 people could be vaccinated against corona. Around 16,000 people live in Hamburg’s retirement and nursing homes – not counting the medical staff. With the start of the new year, Hamburg will receive 14,625 doses of the vaccine per week. The vaccinations are carried out by mobile teams in the first phase, in which people particularly at risk from the virus are to receive protection.

Vaccination center starts work in January

At the beginning of the year, the vaccination center in the exhibition halls should also gradually start operating. From next Tuesday there should be a test run there. Under full load, up to 7,000 people per day should be able to be vaccinated in the modular vaccination center.

Mayor Tschentscher sees the vaccinations as the turning point in the fight against Corona. “This makes it realistic that we can finally protect ourselves from the corona virus and overcome the pandemic,” he told the German press agency.

Further information

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