Fish product on recall: serious injuries threaten – Aldi is criticized for information policy


Danger! A fish product from Aldi could contain broken glass. A recall has been started for the article. Internal injuries are possible.

  • Current recall * for trout caviar at Aldi – The product contains broken glass
  • That was sold Fish product at Aldi-Nord.
  • The Consumer notice is on the website of Aldi south just hard to find.

Update from Thursday, December 3rd, 2020 at 3:50 p.m .: If you don’t look closely here, you’re biting into broken glass. Because the discounter Aldi south has the hint for the recall of the Trout Caviar moved relatively far down on its homepage.

Consumer information can only be found after a long scroll on the website between current offers from the discounter, criticizes the consumer portal The consumption of the fish product is very harmful to health.

Recall at Aldi: fish product could contain broken glass – health hazard

First report from Tuesday, December 1st, 2020: Kassel – Be careful when buying caviar, because for Trout caviar is a recall started. The gourmet product is at Aldi-Nord* Releases. The manufacturer warns that there is a risk of serious injuries to the throat and stomach if eaten. Customers should therefore never eat the product.

The consumer portal reports on the recall *. The product is distributed by Guba-Trade GmbH, based in Schenefeld (Schleswig-Holstein).

Attention, health hazard! Aldi has started a recall for a fish product – the caviar can contain glass splinters that can lead to serious internal injuries. (Symbol image)

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Callback to Aldi: Warning! Fish product contains broken glass

The supplier Guba-Trade GmbH has the Recall because of contained small parts started. So it cannot be ruled out that the brand’s trout caviar Gourmet Finest Cuisine There are broken glass. These could cause serious injuries if eaten. Guba-Trade GmbH and Aldi* warn customers against consumption.

The Fish eggs are sold in small glasses. However, not all articles are affected. Only the trout caviar of batches 295 and 296 with the Best before date 04/30/2021 contains the glass splinters according to Products with other batches and dates are not affected. The best before date is clearly written on the edge of the lid.

A recall has been launched for trout caviar. The product was in the Aldi Nord range.

© Aldi-Nord

All data from the Recall affected trout caverns:

Name Gourmet Finest Cuisine – Forellenkaviar
supplier Guba-Trade GmbH
Batches 295 and 296
Weight 50 grams
Best before date 30.04.2021

Recall for fish product at Aldi: There is even a risk of stomach bleeding when consumed

Reason for the Recall at Aldi are broken glass. The consumer portal warns that residues of this kind in food can lead to serious injuries when consumed. On the one hand, you could immediately take the Fish product the splinters contained severely injure the mouth and throat.

If the glass splinters get into the stomach, however, they could cause much more damage there. The splinters can cause cuts in the stomach wall or even gastric bleeding. Acute gastric bleeding can lead to circulatory shock. Aldi and the supplier accordingly warn against the consumption of the trout caviar.

Recall at Aldi: purchase price of fish product will be refunded

Guba-Trade GmbH recommends customers to check whether they own a product that is affected by the recall at Aldi. If this is the case, the trout caviar can be in the Aldi-Nord-Filiale be returned. The purchase price will be refunded to the customer.

In addition, Guba-Trade GmbH has set up an e-mail box for queries: customer [email protected] Another urgent fish recall was started almost simultaneously at Netto: (Philipp Zettler) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

List of rubric lists: © Ingo Wagner / dpa

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