Forian Silbereisen: Fans are worried about their health


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Actually, he just wanted to give his fans a little joy for Christmas. But what the loyal followers of Florian Silbereisen (39) read from his Instagram video worries them.

He just plays a song for them on his accordion. Incidentally, that is the reason for Florian Silbereisen’s nickname from childhood. “Now this year I almost forgot to play the ‘Silent Night’ for you,” he says and smiles into the camera.

Florian Silbereisen: Fans worry about the moderator

But the moderator’s fans are worried about him – and write that in the comments. There it says:

  • “Florian, you look sad.”
  • “Sad? I think he looks very bad and sick. “
  • “Yes, I don’t like it at all. Often recognize when people are sick. Hope I’m wrong. “
  • “You look a little sad … But played super well.”

A fan also writes: “I hope you are not lonely.” Silbereisen had previously revealed how he will spend Christmas in 2020. Among other things, with the TV show of his ex-girlfriend Helene Fischer.

In fact, compared to the good mood that he usually exudes at any time, he looks a little depressed in the video. After all, Florian Silbereisen is known from his TV shows as a constantly smiling sunshine, who does not allow anything to get him off course so quickly, but rather infects and cheers up others with his positive nature.

But the exciting year 2020 with all its difficulties and imponderables should not have left him so without a trace. This could also be seen in his previous video, in which he looked back over the past few years.

Florian Silbereisen: “Was in a state of shock”

“I felt like I was in a state of shock that lasted a few weeks,” he says about the effects of the corona. But then the energy returned quickly.

This is what the worried fans want now. And most of his followers just enjoy his musical performance. Silbereisen himself did not respond to the comments on his condition.

Maybe he just shot the video in an imperfect light or late at night after Christmas, so that for some he doesn’t seem quite fit. (sku)

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