Formula 1 | Grosjean reveals the exact degree of his injuries


After his serious fire accident at the 2020 Bahrain Grand Prix, Romain Grosjean is open about the issue. After sharing his thoughts on the accident with the world, he is now giving a detailed look at his injuries.

“Today I was able to walk with my left foot again without pain before lunch,” said the dual citizen after his discharge from the hospital. “It’s another step in the right direction. My left hand doesn’t look that great though. The pain isn’t too bad. I take paracetamol, nothing stronger.”

The biggest problem on the hand at the moment is the swelling: “It is very severe and has to subside. The wrist ligament of the thumb may have been damaged by the impact, because it hit my entire left side.”

“My left ankle is cracked, my left knee is bruised, I have a few nice bruises on my left shoulder, buttock and forearm. My left thumb is not only easily cracked, but the whole hand is badly burned.”

“I can move it in several directions and clench a fist. The only difference is that I can’t touch my little finger as I usually do, because it’s infected and has a thick bandage.”

Ankle injured when getting out

The thing with the ankle is less of a problem: “We just put ice on it. That has already improved significantly within two days, that will be gone next week. I am not worried about the leg. The only question remains the left hand. I still have a few more years to live with her, so I can’t destroy her. ”

He did not suffer this minor injury from the impact. As he freed himself from the burning wreckage, his shoe caught the brake pedal as he jumped out.

It will now depend on the healing of his left hand whether he can achieve his goal of driving again in the Formula 1 season finale in Abu Dhabi the weekend after next. Mainly to test the psychological component.

The 34-year-old says: “On my first phone call with Marion [Jolles, seiner Frau], she was just with my father with the children. I told them, ‘I will go to Abu Dhabi. I’m sorry for you guys, but I need this for myself. ‘ I need to know if I can get back in the car, how I’m going to feel and how it’s going. Can I still do that? “

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