Formula 1 live ticker: Haas confirms: Schumacher in Abu Dhabi in the VF-20


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Steiner counters Deletraz criticism

We already covered the tweet from Louis Deletraz in the ticker today. The Formula 2 driver quietly criticized Haas’ decision to put Pietro Fittipaldi in the car at the weekend. “In life it just happens that sometimes a decision is made that you are disappointed about. We have that too at the moment – we put a driver in the car this weekend and another driver is disappointed. Unfortunately there are only 20 Sit in Formula 1, “replies Günther Steiner.

He didn’t speak to Deletraz, but he did realize that he was unhappy. “But there are certainly many other drivers who are unhappy because they wanted the place too.” Fittipaldi deserved the place. And he told the Swiss: “I don’t have to ask anyone who to put in the car, not even Deletraz.”

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Grosjean: Left hand crucial for comeback

Whether or not Grosjean will drive his last Formula 1 Grand Prix for the time being in the coming week depends primarily on his left hand. He had already told his wife in a phone call that he had to go to Abu Dhabi to see whether he could still manage it.

But: “If my left hand is not fully functional next week, I won’t take the risk and drive. But I’ll try to take it easy as much as possible and follow the instructions of the doctors so that it heals.” First, the swelling must decrease, then the skin must heal. His entire left side of the body was hit particularly hard on impact.

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“Another step in the right direction”

We’ll stay with Haas, but switch to the present and listen to what Romain Grosjean reports today. The Frenchman did a media round with his French colleagues, our motorsport network colleague Benjamin Vinel was also there.

“Today just before noon I was able to walk without pain in my left leg, which is another small step in the right direction,” reports Grosjean. However, his left hand still looks “not great”. The pain, however, is “tolerable”. He’ll take a little paracetamol, that will help.

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That’s why Mick is only top in his second year

Steiner was of course also mentioned earlier in the media round that Mick Schumacher usually still needs time in the first year, but then takes off in the second year. The Haas team boss thinks he knows why: “I think that’s because he analyzes what he can do better in the first season and then implements it in the second.”

“Instead of trying to go through the wall with his head in the first season. He’s very cool that he doesn’t have to show in the first season that he belongs here at all.” That agrees with Steiner’s goals, after all, 2021 should be a year of learning. In the second year with the new regulations, the boys should “get the best out of themselves”.

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Steiner: I spoke to Binotto

Haas team boss Steiner also reveals how it came about that Schumacher and Masepin of all people got a cockpit. “Through our collaboration with Ferrari, I naturally talked to Mattia Binotto about what he was planning to do with his juniors and whether it would be possible to get one. Back then there was still a lot of discussion,” he says.

Ferrari then decided that Schumacher would go into Formula 1, “which was fine with me,” adds Steiner. He also had talks with Masepin the previous year. “That’s why we got to the point pretty quickly. The right decision was made after talking to Mr. Haas.” Steiner showed the team founder the balance sheet of the drivers, after which the decision was made.

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Haas team boss: Mick is “very mature”

Although Steiner has not yet been able to get to know his new pilot well due to the strict Corona guidelines, he has already got a good first impression of the German. “In the conversations I got the impression that he is very mature as a person, very adult.” You can quickly see that Schumacher grew up in a “very professional environment”, says Steiner.

“He’s very mature for his age, very professional. And very fast. That’s the most important thing to me.” Because the rest can be “bent”. But he couldn’t make his drivers faster. “That’s why I believe in him. But also in the conversations I had with him, he was always very polite. Just a grown young person.”

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How many years exactly?

Steiner already confirmed earlier that both pilots had signed long-term contracts. When asked how many years exactly, he doesn’t look at the cards: “Several years. We don’t say how many there are then. There can also be options and so on. I’m not ready to put the driver contracts here to make it public. “

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Steiner: 2021 will not be our best year

We’ll stay on the topic and look at what Günther Steiner said today when he introduced his second driver. He emphasizes that 2021 will be a “year of transition”. “The goal is to be ready for 2022, with the new regulations, with the new car. It seldom happened that a team had two rookies,” he knows and adds: “Sometimes you have to have the courage to do something try.”

The drivers are well prepared from Formula 2. “Technically, they are on the same level as the regular drivers anyway,” believes Steiner. “They grow up dealing with data, they look at everything. You don’t have to teach them that.” He believes 2021 will be the best year for two rookies. And Steiner remains realistic: “We know that it won’t be our best year.”

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