Frank-Walter Steinmeier encourages Germans


The Christmas address given by the Federal President is an institution. Now the country is at the end of a decisive year – and another difficult year ahead. What words does Steinmeier find for this?

Despite all the losses and restrictions caused by the corona pandemic, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier sees cause for hope. “Yes, we have every reason to be optimistic,” said Steinmeier in his Christmas address, which will be broadcast on December 25th. Vaccines have been approved since this week, and vaccinations will begin this Sunday.

“We still have a long, arduous path ahead of us,” admitted Steinmeier. How long this will be depends on each individual. “If we stay sensible and patient over the last few meters, then we will gradually be able to do a lot again that we had to do without for a long time,” he warned. “But we see the long-awaited light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter. We will now get closer to the exit from the crisis step by step.”

Thanks to the heroes of the crisis

In his speech, Steinmeier recalled “the women and men who wrestled with the virus in the intensive care units” and their relatives as well as “the people who lost the battle against the disease”. Many of them “died a bitter, lonely death”.

But the restrictions due to the pandemic had also affected all other people: “School children are annoyed by the irregular lessons, families exhausted after almost a year of home office and homeschooling. Artists, inns and hoteliers fear for their livelihood.”

“A Festival of Hope”

The Federal President thanked “everyone who is in the front row in the fight against the virus”. He explicitly named doctors, nurses, but also the educator, the scientist, the bus driver and many who volunteer. “The virus doesn’t drive us apart. On the contrary, it lets us move closer together.”

The Federal President emphasized: “In a time of uncertainty, we have learned that we can trust our democracy.” Those who denied the danger of the virus are often particularly loud. “But the sensible are the vast majority.” That is the good news this year.

“And that’s why this Christmas is also a festival of hope!” Said Steinmeier. “Most of the people in our country act with consideration and solidarity – not because the state orders them to, but out of reason, compassion and responsibility. I hope that we will take this civic spirit with us into the coming year.”

Steinmeier’s Christmas address was available to t-online in advance in an editorial version. It will be broadcast on December 25th at 7 p.m. on ZDF and at 8.10 p.m. on ARD.

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