Frankfurt Airport does without a runway


Updated on December 1st, 2020, 11:59 am

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – Due to the low air traffic in the Corona lull, Frankfurt Airport is once again taking the northwest runway out of operation.

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The operator Fraport announced on Tuesday that the train will temporarily not be needed from December 14th and, as in the spring, could be used as a parking space for decommissioned aircraft.

It was initially unclear which airlines wanted to use the parking spaces. According to earlier information, there is space for 40 smaller jets on the northwest runway. Lufthansa had parked planes there from March, but then put them back into operation or parked them at cheaper airports.

The other three Frankfurt railways remain in operation despite the weak air traffic. The West Runway is very important for winter operations because of its aircraft de-icing systems, explained Fraport. Due to the corona lull, the passenger terminal 2, parts of terminal 1 and large areas of the Lufthansa administration are also closed at the largest German airport.
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