Frankfurt police pulls “wrong” police officers out of circulation – “POII7FI” jacket


Frankfurt bicycle policemen stopped a cyclist with “POII7FI” written on his jacket. The authority is ridiculed for initiating criminal proceedings.

Mockery on Twitter and Facebook: On Tuesday, bicycle policemen stopped a cyclist in Frankfurt’s West End. The words “Police” were on his warning jacket. Investigations have been initiated, among other things because of official presumption, said the police. The problem: The authority shares a photo of the jacket on social networks. The writing “POII7FI” can be clearly seen on it.

The Frankfurt police are now faced with incredulous comments among their posts. “Perhaps the gentleman would not have such a jacket if the police would take care of enforcing the StVO themselves?” Wrote a Twitter user. “The desperation that cycling fellow citizens resort to such means should give the police something to think about …” read a comment on Facebook.

The bicyclist’s prejudice is often criticized. The police wrote in their posts “cyclists pretend to be real police officers”. Only in the press release can one read of a suspicion of “presumption of office or because of the misuse of titles, job titles and badges”.

“Real cops rarely care”

The officials also based the presumption of office on a scene that occurred while checking the suspected cyclist. During the measure, the 39-year-old is said to have asked a driver “to clear the cycle path immediately”.

The comment on Twitter: “At the latest when the wrong police officer pointed out a car driver to clear bike lanes, the car driver should have smelled the roast. Real police officers rarely do that.”

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