Free concerts: Melody had an affair with Nicki Minaj’s DJ!


New sex reveal at CoupleChallenge! In episode two, the audience experienced a very spicy bed story: Melody Haase (26) and Daniele Negroni (25) had one or the other sexual encounter in the past. His new girlfriend Laura Steinert didn’t know anything about it before the broadcast. But Melody reminisced even more: In episode three, she revealed another bed secret – she had an affair with the DJ of a very famous US rapper.

In the kitchen of the luxury camp, the musician confided in her colleague Dominic Smith (32), who is participating in the show together with his Prince Charming colleague Martin Angelo (27). “I love Nicki Minaj and, for example, was on the entire Germany part of her tour because I had something with her DJ during that time”, remembered Melody back to the affair with the music maker. For the 26 year old it was a “cool and exciting” time.

Wanted further Dominic know whether Melody because of the sex dates would always enlarge her bottom – after all, she recently had the third Brazilian butt lift. “I do believe that they wouldn’t invite me like that if I didn’t have such an ass”explained the beauty. That is her recipe for success to get so many celebrity men into bed. Nevertheless, she would do the operations mostly for her well-being.

You can find more information about “ CoupleChallenge” at TVNOW.

Rapperin Nicki Minaj
Melody Haase at “ CoupleChallenge
Dominic Smith, reality actor

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