Frustration at the end of a relationship? – Ex-girlfriend and child killed: Trials start in Stuttgart


Stuttgart (AP) – When the public prosecutor describes the night of the crime, the alleged murderer breaks down in tears in the dock, first buries his face behind his hands, then he lays his head on his arms on the table.

He is said to have murdered his former girlfriend, whose daughter he also tried to do with his separated wife, the prosecutor accuses him.

So double murder and another attempted murder. But why the 36-year-old struck and struck in Allmersbach im Tal (Baden-Württemberg) last June, the Stuttgart Regional Court will have to clarify in the coming months after the trial began on Tuesday. At least on the first day, the accused German did not comment on the allegations. But he wants to do that later. The man had already admitted the act in an interrogation after his arrest.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the man is said to have murdered out of frustration at the end of his relationship, out of jealousy and also out of hatred. After the failure of the relationship with the later, 41-year-old victim, which lasted several months, he briefly drew new hope, but was disappointed when he saw the woman with another man on their terrace. He then went home, returned and hit the woman on the head with a wooden slat before cutting her throat with a knife. He is said to have murdered the sleeping daughter (9) of the woman in bed with the bar and the knife, because he made her responsible for the end of the relationship.

The separated wife only survived the subsequent murder attempt because the defendant failed to break into her apartment in Gaildorf. He is said to have accused this woman of rejecting her and humiliating her through the divorce proceedings.

The act of Allmersbach im Tal is by no means an isolated incident. It is not uncommon for women’s lives to be endangered by their former husbands or partners. In Baden-Württemberg alone, according to police crime statistics, 371 people were killed or injured last year. Around one in four of them was related to the suspect or married, and some were also in a relationship. According to the police, 29 people died from violent relatives or partners, and another 12 from an acquaintance.

According to an estimate by the German psychiatrist Andreas Marneros, 80 percent of the perpetrators of so-called intimicides are men. They mainly kill when a long-term partnership comes to an end. “If a marriage or relationship dissolves or threatens to fail, this particularly shakes the self-definition of the partner who is more fixated on the partnership”, writes Marneros in an article for the book “Profile & Co” (Spektrum der Wissenschaft Verlagsgesellschaft mbh) . Feelings such as jealousy, depression, thoughts of suicide or aggression increase the fewer alternative sources of self-definition a person has. A perpetrator then does not have to have criminal tendencies or a problematic environment.

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