Game DNA – Super Mario World: The theme park brings Mario Kart to life. Fun & entertainment


In Japan, guests at the Super Mario World theme park will soon be able to get behind the wheel of a Mario kart. The game series will have its own amusement park in the heart of the park, which opens in February in the land of the rising sun.

The Japanese will soon be able to get into these cool karts.

Happy reporters got a first impression of the fun. The adventure begins in the royal castle of the Bowser, leads to a lava land, an underwater world, a spirit world and finally the dreaded rainbow route.

Via an AR headset that every driver receives, the whole thing can be brought to life virtually.

Just like Mario Kart, passengers collect items on their way and shoot the tanks at other karts.

Those who want to meet Bowser face to face will get their money’s worth in the amusement park.

The race starts under the name “Koopa’s Challenge” at the opening of the park on February 4th. One can only hope that the rainbow course does not knock the first brave ones out of the karts.

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