Gastronomy: dispute over control of the “free tests”


The news that Interior Minister Karl Nehammer, contrary to the announcement by Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger (ÖVP), wants to have the catering establishments inspect the so-called free tests for a visit there has “hit the industry like a bomb”. That said the gastro division chairman in the Chamber of Commerce, Mario Pulker, on Monday in an interview with the APA. There is no way the hosts could take control.

“We will not control”

With his information, Nehammer ensures additional uncertainty among restaurateurs in an uncertain time, according to Pulker. As he emphasized, he relies on the position of Tourism Minister Köstinger, which was confirmed today, that the authorities should be responsible for monitoring. “We will not control. That is not possible for us,” said Pulker.

Tourism Minister Elisabeth Köstinger stressed in a broadcast on Monday that checking for negative corona tests will not be the responsibility of the restaurateurs.

What exactly will continue with contact tracing in guest houses when they reopen is still open. “We are waiting for the new regulation. Then we will also know more about this,” said the gastro division chairman, who does not approve of the “paperwork”. This comes from the Ministry of Health from Rudolf Anschober (Greens).

Pulker appealed to the population to get vaccinated and to go to corona tests in order to return to normal as quickly as possible. “Because we will not survive this on-off condition much longer,” said Pulker about the catering trade.


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