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The German men’s biathlon relay made it onto the podium at the World Cup in Hochfilzen. In the line-up of Erik Lesser, Roman Rees, Benedikt Doll and Philipp Horn, the Germans only had to face the Swedes (0 penalty loops after shooting errors, eight spare rounds) and Norway after 4 x 7.5 kilometers and with seven spare rounds on Sunday (December 13th, 2020) (1 penalty loop, eleven spare rounds).

DSV quartet 44.1 seconds behind the top

The Swedish quartet with Peppe Femling, Jesper Nelin, Martin Ponsiluoma and Sebastian Samuelsson crossed the finish line after 1: 16: 31.5 hours. The Norwegian top favorites with Sturla Holm Lagreid, sprint winner Johannes Dale, Tarjei Bö and overall World Cup leader Johannes Thingnes Bö were 5.7 seconds behind. Philipp Horn, who premiered as the final runner in the German season running for the first time in this formation, reached the goal 44.1 seconds after the Swedes. The lead over the fourth-placed Russians was comfortable with 30 seconds.

Lesser: Four mistakes, but the best running time

In difficult conditions with snowfall and temperatures around zero degrees Celsius, the German starting runner Lesser had to reload four times in his two shoots (once prone, three times standing). With the best running time of his group he handed over to Roman Rees as fourth and in the middle of the top group with Norway, Finland and France.

After the race, Lesser didn’t want to talk about his current shooting problems (only 80 percent hits in standing position): “I have the same shooting results as in the two Kontiolahti weeks. I don’t want to comment on that.”he said taciturn. Nevertheless, with a view to his good mileage, he was able to gain positive results from the race: “I am very happy that I can make the decision in terms of running whether to attack or hang in the back. Being in the situation of determining yourself is really nice.”

Flawless Rees hands over as the front runner

Rees ran a courageous race in his seventh World Cup season. The 27-year-old took the lead, went first to the first shooting, cleared everything and maintained the top position in the prone position. Rees came in third for the standing position, but was again the best at the shooting range and was the first to go out again. On the other hand, France with Emilien Jaquelin said goodbye to the podium contenders: With two penalties, the French dropped to 14th place.

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