German Corona hotspot: Rain is switching to distance learning


Actually, one tried to react early, explained the Regener district administrator Rita Röhrl (SPD) at a press conference on Sunday about the very high corona numbers in her district. The incidence value (numbers from RKI) on Sunday is 581.3 and makes rain Germany’s corona stronghold. But despite the first restrictions in October, the second wave could not be stopped, said the district administrator.

From the point of view of the SPD politician, one reason could be that some contact persons have not given in order to keep them from quarantine. In the next few days, the district will probably also exceed the incidence value of 600, said Röhrl. Although numerous infections can be identified in nursing homes and facilities for the disabled as well as a hospital, a significant part of the infections is diffuse, i.e. not comprehensible.

Schools take distance learning

Therefore, the already applicable anti-corona measures will be tightened even more, although exit restrictions already apply and although stricter rules will apply throughout Bavaria from Wednesday. “None of this is fun, but the district has to act with these incidence figures,” said Röhrl at the press conference.

Specifically, presumably from Wednesday, all schools in the district should completely switch to distance teaching. Until then, they will speak to the relevant authorities and organize emergency care. The reason given by District Administrator Röhrl was the way to school, often on public transport, which could lead to infections.

Border traffic is restricted anyway

In addition to distance learning, the workshops for the disabled in the district will also be closed. In addition, compliance with hygiene concepts will be monitored more closely in the service companies that are still open, as well as in homes. In future, visits to care facilities should only be allowed by a specified person for 30 minutes. And only after a test result and with an FFP2 mask. There is even a ban on visiting houses that are particularly affected.

The small border traffic, i.e. crossings for shopping or refueling, between the Czech Republic and the district is already restricted by the Bavarian measures. This welcomed District Administrator Röhrl, who recognized a certain connection between the number of infections and the proximity to the Czech Republic within the district.

Hospitals heavily burdened

The effects of the high corona numbers are currently also clearly evident in the district’s clinics. Christian Schmitz, director of the local Arberland clinics, reported that currently eleven of the twelve available intensive care beds are currently occupied by Covid 19 patients. Organize more beds, but they need staff and material.

In addition, around ten percent of the workforce are currently not ready for use due to corona infections or quarantine measures. As a result of this development, no new patients will be admitted to the Zwiesel site for the time being. However, further treatment is carried out on site.

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