German theater star Jutta Lampe died at the age of 82


The German actress Jutta Lampe is dead. She died at the age of 82. Lampe worked at the Berlin Schaubühne for around three decades, working with directors such as Peter Stein and Luc Bondy. She was also seen in several Margarethe von Trotta films, for example in the drama “Die Bleierne Zeit”. “Anyone who has heard Jutta Lampe once will not forget her speech melody, the intellectual sharpness with which she brought texts to life,” says the Schaubühne.

Lampe was born in Flensburg, northern Germany, and has been working at the Schaubühne since 1970. Until 1999 she was part of the ensemble. She worked with well-known directors such as Peter Zadek, Luc Bondy, Robert Wilson and Peter Stein. She was also in a relationship with cult director Stein.

Her role as sister of Gudrun Ensslin in “Die Bleierne Zeit” is one of her greatest successes on the big screen. With the film in 1981, director von Trotta described the severity of the terror phase of the 1970s around the RAF members.

The award-winning drama is about the terrorist’s complicated relationship with her sister. In cooperation with Barbara Sukowa, Lampe showed the depths of terror as well as the human fate of those involved.

The film also made director Trotta famous – she became the first woman to win the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Actress Lampe was also seen in her films “Sisters or the Balance of Happiness” and “Rosenstrasse”.

The German Minister of State for Culture Monika Grütters praised Lampe as “one of the great German actresses”. “She was one of the greatest in the great ensemble at the Schaubühne,” said Grütters. She herself moved to Berlin from far away as a student because of Lampe’s incomparable speaking culture.

In 2010, the Akademie der Künste awarded Lampe the Joana Maria Gorvin Prize. Lampe was an “actress of high standing in the German-speaking world”, was the verdict of the jury at the time. Her acting skills are characterized by virtuoso role design, great versatility and playful energy. “A great artist has left us,” said the theater management of the Schaubühne. “We miss her very much.”

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