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So far, the Canary Islands, which are popular with German vacationers, have not been considered a corona risk area. But that will change shortly before Christmas. According to the Robert Koch Institute, all of Spain will be on the risk list again from Sunday – and the Canary Islands will be one of them again. As a result, the federal government classifies islands such as Gran Canaria and Tenerife as risk areas and there is a travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office.

Most recently, the Canary Islands were one of the very few holiday destinations in other European countries for which no travel warning was applied. At the end of October it was canceled due to the falling number of infections. For some time now, the numbers have been rising again – especially on Tenerife. There, the new infections per 100,000 inhabitants were last at 127 within a week. This increased the value for all seven Canary Islands to an average of 70. From a value of 50, the classification as a risk area and thus also the travel warning.

Returnees have to be in quarantine

Although this does not mean a travel ban, it should have the greatest possible deterrent effect on tourists. The good thing for vacationers: You can cancel trips that have already been booked if their destination is declared a risk area. However, returnees from the risk areas have to be in quarantine for up to ten days. From the fifth day onwards, you can get rid of it prematurely with a negative test.

For the Canaries off the west coast of Africa, the travel warning means another heavy blow for the tourism industry. In addition to the Germans, the British make up the largest group of holidaymakers in normal times. Great Britain had already ordered quarantine for returnees from the Canary Islands a good week ago. The companies active in tourism then urgently demanded further emergency aid from the government.

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