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For months, Germany was considered a model country in the pandemic. We had relatively few corona cases and relatively few deaths. But the data from the American Johns Hopkins University show that this has changed dramatically.

Of the five most populous EU countries, we currently have the most new infections. As the “WELT” first reported, there are currently the third most Covid fatalities among the major EU countries – in relation to the population.

According to this, Germany is the only one of these countries in which the number is currently increasing daily.

The current figures (as of December 25, 4.30 p.m.)

The data comes from Johns Hopkins University, which determines the number of corona cases worldwide.

Germany (83 million inhabitants): 176,587 confirmed new infections in the past week, 4303 Covid deaths in the past week

France (67 million inhabitants): 100,809 confirmed new infections in the past week, 2,656 Covid deaths in the past week

Italy (60 million inhabitants): 102,940 confirmed new infections in the past week, 3,680 Covid deaths in the past week

Spain (47 million inhabitants): 69,530 confirmed new infections in the past week, 1047 Covid deaths in the past week

Poland (38 million inhabitants): 68,144 confirmed new infections in the past week, 2407 Covid deaths in the past week

The possible reasons

After their bad experiences in the first wave, many other European countries dared to take the step towards a hard lockdown more quickly.

Germany has been in lockdown light since November because of the second wave of Covid. Only success: the exponential growth was broken. But the corona numbers continued to rise.

The worst is the situation in Saxony. Many people die from Corona, especially in old people’s homes. Our government slept for months to protect them.

Germany – suddenly a problem child!

Will the current, hard lockdown bring the turning point? That remains to be seen. When the coronavirus vaccinations start in Germany on Sunday, the people in the nursing homes will be first. However, experts agree: The start of vaccination does not promise short-term relaxation.

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A prognosis by statisticians from the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) Munich says: Of all people who were reported as corona cases in calendar week 51 (between December 14 and 20), more than 6,500 will not survive.

More than 25,000 new infections despite fewer tests

As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Friday morning, citing information from the health authorities, 25,533 further cases of infection were recorded. Due to the lower test capacities on and before the holidays, this number is less meaningful than on other days of the year. The previous maximum values ​​were more than 30,000 cases. The total number of corona infections recorded in Germany since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 1,612,648.

According to the RKI, 412 deaths from the pandemic were recorded within 24 hours. The total number of registered corona deaths in Germany since the beginning of the pandemic rose to 29,182. The RKI put the number of people recovered from a corona infection in Germany at around 1,206,200.

There are currently around 377,300 people in Germany verifiably infected with Covid-19.

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