Germany weather in January: is the dream winter coming?


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January is usually the coldest month and there is a chance of snow: will it be the same in 2021? Experts have good news for the low mountain range.

Munich – which Weather* January brings, experts can say more precisely from around January 6th. Because then above all one condition must be met for the Dream winter with snow and sun still setting: large parts of Russia and Northern Europe have to snow* be covered. This is the only way she can Cold production above the rest Europe get going – and thus also bring winter weather to Germany, so explain the experts at A “weak wind high pressure weather situation” then has to be added.

Even now, however, one scenario is considered particularly likely for January: The lowlands and the foothills of the Alps could expect colder temperatures – but even at a maximum of 5 degrees this is not cold enough for enough snow. Even larger amounts of precipitation can then not ensure a closed snow cover. On the Low mountain ranges could the weather condition but perfect Snowfall Conditions offer and thus one Exceptional winter conjure up. This applies to both the west with the Kahler Asten and the east with the Fichtelgebirge, say the experts at Heavy snowfalls could provide winter joy here.

Germany weather in January: Coldest month on average

A average January shows up loud in Germany with the following values:

temperature – 0.5 Grad
Sunshine duration 1.6 hours per day
Total precipitation 61 liters / square meter
High winter with snow and cold especially in the second half of January

But the data from the past few years show it: The January is currently up to 3.5 degrees above average. This could make it warmer than that in 2021 -0.5 degrees average temperature.

Long-term weather for January 2021 in Germany:

Long-term forecasts can be used worldwide, especially via the calculations Weather computer produce. They are not used for precise forecasting, but are used for forecasting trends. The energy industry, for example, uses results.

Experience from the last few years also shows that January is known for its fierce Storms. Especially towards the end of the month there is often a rage Hurricanes with violent Wind speeds over Germany. (kat) * is part of the Ippen digital network.

List of rubric lists: © Andreas Arnold

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