Glass collection peak on the holidays | ARA Altstoff Recycling Austria AG, December 15, 2020


30% more waste glass – high season for Austria’s glass recycling system around Christmas and New Years. Attention: Not every glass is suitable for recycling.

Vienna (OTS) The consumption and recycling of glass packaging was above average in 2020. Austria Glas Recycling expects a record increase of around 1,000 group truck loads compared to the previous year. Experience shows that the amount skyrockets at the end of the year. From champagne bottles to olive glasses, from juice bottles to jam jars – around 30 percent more waste glass than the annual average fill the glass containers at the end of the year. Additional evacuation trips around the holidays are also planned this year to ensure hygiene and cleanliness in town and country.

Harald Hauke, managing director of Austria Glas Recycling and board member of ARA AG: “Even if we unfortunately have to celebrate cautiously this year, I assume that the amount of glass collected on the festive days will increase like every year. In any case, waste management and industry are well prepared. Every properly disposed of glass packaging is given for recycling. Used glass is the most important raw material for glass production. ”

New Year’s rockets in waste glass can be dangerous.

Broken glass balls, glass jewelry, champagne glasses and other glass products do not belong to the waste glass. Since they have a different chemical composition, they cannot be recycled together with packaging glass. They belong to the residual waste. Hauke: “The wrong types of glass disrupt the recycling process. It becomes dangerous when New Year’s Eve rockets and so-called crackers are ignited in the waste glass container. Every year it happens that glass containers are used as launching bases. It is imperative to refrain from doing this. Because it can have fatal consequences if the glass container explodes and flying metal parts cause injuries and damage. ”

Jam and pesto glasses want to go with the old glass

Packaging jars from the kitchen, such as pesto or jam jars, should be disposed of in the waste glass, even if leftovers stick to them. Hauke: “The terminus technicus is ‘completely emptied’. I say spooned out but not necessarily washed out. Thank you to all of you who carefully dispose of waste glass and thank you to all of our partners! ”Glass recycling is an important component of the circular economy. In Austria, waste glass has been collected and recycled for over 40 years.

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