Good idea, bad implementation: Spahn’s FFP2 mask campaign is a health risk – politics


Someone still has to keep track of things, especially in such a difficult situation. Health Minister Jens Spahn does not seem to be the one who has it. Why? It is well meant that he wants to send FFP2 masks to the more than 27 million potential high-risk patients. But how!

While the Chancellor in the Bundestag is begging for more contact reduction for her circumstances, Spahn sends those at risk on their way, literally and in a bureaucratic sense, to get the urgently needed masks in a pharmacy.

This is where Wolfgang Kubicki comes into play. In his latest Facebook post, the liberal Vice President of the Bundestag wrote: “This is not only dangerous from the point of view of infection protection, but also pure madness in social and economic terms.

Those who are not mobile and the people in the country, where the pharmacy is not around the corner, are disadvantaged. ”Up to now, no Spahn has clearly denied the overview.

What to do that would be more sensible? Instead of millions of forgery-proof coupons that Spahn wants to send to each individual (what a waste of money and time, by the way, because it takes a long time), the masks could be better ordered directly and then sent free of charge, right?

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You should be able to manage that. Again Kubicki: “Then you could also waive the 2 euro contribution, because instead of six euros that Mr. Spahn spends per mask, you pay around one euro per piece in the relevant online trade and even get this free of charge to your doorstep .

Bremen proves: the approach is correct

It is schizophrenic that citizens are faced with the choice of either following their Chancellor’s appeal and staying at home or Jens Spahn’s request to pick up masks that will protect them from infections. ”

And that promptly writes a user, Carsten Stoewing: He is a risk patient, asthma and COPD, incidentally still 64 years old. 14 kilometers to the pharmacy, back again. This can be done by bus, during the school transport, or by taxi.

“He can keep the masks. Bus too dangerous and taxi € 50.00. Amazon delivers at least 15 to 20 pieces for this. ”Maybe Spahn can get another overview. Because the action is already correct: The state of Bremen has the best, lowest numbers of infected people because the risk groups are equipped with FFP2 masks.

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