Google Home Max is no longer in production


In 2017, Google presented the first slightly larger in-house speaker with the Google Home Max. In mid-2018 the device arrived in Germany and Caschy found the device to be quite good in his test, but at 400 euros at the time, it wasn’t exactly cheap either. In the meantime the device has moved into one or the other home and there may still be users squinting in the direction of the large loudspeaker. If you now feel addressed and have been undecided so far, you should perhaps come to a decision a little faster, because while the device is already sold out in the USA, the model is currently still in stock in the German Google Store.

Why am I telling you this? Not only is the device sold out, Google also confirmed that it is no longer in production. So the product has reached the end of its life. However, the group confirms to The Verge that customers do not need to worry. The device will continue to receive updates and will continue to receive support. A direct successor is currently not in sight. With Nest Audio, Google has launched a smaller and more affordable speaker on the market.

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