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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – Despite several slaughterhouse scandals in recent years and sharp criticism of the grievances in the companies, Agriculture Minister Peter Hauk (CDU) can count on the support of his Prime Minister. “I will not dismiss him,” said Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) on Tuesday after corresponding demands from the opposition SPD.

The measures that Hauk presented after the recent scandal in Biberach are conclusive. “And you can expect that we can get the problem under control now,” said Kretschmann. However, it must also be clarified how conditions like those in Biberach and other companies could arise despite a 100 percent inspection by veterinarians.

In the past few weeks, pictures from the Biberach slaughterhouse showed how the killing of cattle by faulty nail guns was painfully protracted. At the beginning of 2018, a slaughterhouse in Tauberbischofsheim was closed, and in summer it hit a company in Gärtringen in the Böblingen district. As a result, Hauk announced several measures to tighten controls in the industry and promote regional slaughterhouses. “We expect that we will not see such pictures again,” said Kretschmann. “That really doesn’t work at all.”

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