“Grandma is so proud”: Silvia Wollny congratulates her granddaughter


Congratulations! Two years ago, Calantha Wollny (20) gave birth to her first child. Silvia Wollny’s daughter (55) proudly announced in July 2018 that she was pregnant. In December, the now 20-year-old announced the happy news that her daughter Cataleya had seen the light of day. Grandma judged the little ones’ second birthday Silvia now on the net emotional words to her granddaughter.

“My little girl, grandma is so proud of you. All the best and happy birthday PĆ¼ppi”, wrote the 55-year-old in her Instagram-Post. To do this, she shared a picture of Cataleyas Birth. You can see on that Silvia in a green hospital gown with the baby in her arms. The reality TV celebrity remembers: “Where did the time go, I just ran out of the operating room with you. I’m incredibly proud of you and will always be there for you.” It is wonderful for her to see what her granddaughter learns every day. “I love you, my pup,” she finished her emotional text.

Mama Calantha also addressed her little scion with sweet words. On their Instagram-Account she wrote: “Mom is proud of you and always will be, my darling. Mom loves you and will always love you.” In addition, the reality fame shared several photos of her daughter as a baby, as well as current recordings.

Silvia, Cataleya and Calantha Wollny in the hospital
Silvia Wollny with her granddaughter

Instagram / calantha_wollny_

Calantha Wollny and her daughter

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