Green Vienna / Stark: Do not put the turning assistant on the back burner


Vienna (OTS) “We cannot put off the introduction of the turning assistant any longer. Any further waiting endangers human lives ”, said the mobility spokesman for the Green Vienna, Kilian Stark, in response to the statements of the new city councilor for transport, Ulli Sima. “Vienna can act here, but it doesn’t. The former City Councilor for Transport, Birgit Hebein, sent the completed draft regulation to the EU for notification in January 2020. There was a statement from Brussels with individual concerns, which were then addressed in the draft regulation. Since there was no further statement from the EU, let alone an objection, there is no reason to prevent the introduction of the turning assistant, ”says Stark, who contradicts City Councilor Sima’s statements.

“Nothing stands in the way of introducing the turning assistant. Every day that we do nothing further endangers human life. There are thousands of dangerous crossings in Vienna. We Greens had and still have the courage to issue a right-turn ban for unsafe, confusing giant trucks with a few exceptional routes. A turning assistant protects the most vulnerable road users, i.e. pedestrians and especially children. Economic concerns shouldn’t precede people’s safety, Stark concluded.

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