Grill den Henssler: TV off for Laura Wontorra? Fans rave about the RTL star


“Grill den Henssler” ends with a dream result for Steffen. Laura Wontorra hosted the Vox final, but fans rave about an RTL star

Cologne – With a spectacular Finale goes the current one Season “Grill den Henssler” to the end. The professional chef Steffen Henssler had lost his luck in the past few weeks, but he was able to fight his way back with a lot of ambition. In the episode Before Christmas, the professional and the celebrities cooked a contemplative menu – to the delight of the Jury. In the end, there was only one question left: who is grilling whom? The spectator of the show, however, only had eyes for another woman who could compete with presenter Laura Wontorra.

Title: Grill the Henssler
Long: 140 to 170 minutes
Production company: ITV Studios Germany
Year (s): 2013–2017, since 2019
Broadcast cycle: Sundays 8:15 p.m. (if in the program)
Episodes: 93+ (including 10 special editions) in 13 seasons
Occupation: Steffen Henssler, Laura Wontorra, Ruth Moschner, Reiner Calmund

Grill den Henssler (Vox): Joachim Llambi, Laura Karasek and Sonja Zietlow cook in the final with Laura Wontorra

In the large Finale the TV show “Grill den Henssler” delivered the celebrities and restaurateurs Steffen Henssler an exciting chef duel. “Let’s Dance” star Joachim Llambi, lawyer Laura Karasek and jungle camp legend had to go to the stove Sonja Zietlow. Otherwise known for his caustic comments, dance judge Llambi now had to prove at the grill that he can also deliver culinary delights. A pikeperch with potato scales and vegetables should secure the starter victory for the celebrities. The team of stars was supported by TV chef Stefan Marquard. This team should be the Jury around Reiner Calmund, Mirja Boes and Christian Rach convince.

Although the strict dance professional was able to inspire the Vox jury with his starter, it surpassed it Steffen Henssler his competitors and gained a narrow lead. Then a Christmas classic should get the celebrities back on track for victory, namely a duck dish with red cabbage and dumplings. There the conversations with the daughter of the late literary critic Hellmuth Karasek drifted off and even became emotional. “This connotation ‘celebrity child’ always sounds like you haven’t done anything of your own and I think it’s very negative,” explained the lawyer and “Grill the Henssler“Candidate.

Grill den Henssler (Vox): Jungle camp star Sonja Zietlow has an emotional chat with presenter Laura Wontorra

But for that “Grill den Henssler” jury The only thing that counts is the taste and Karasek’s emotional approach was of little help: after the main course, the host led the way Steffen Henssler with 68 to 66 points and grilled his prominent competitor. All hope was now on the well-known jungle camp moderator Sonja Zietlowwho wanted to win with her dessert. An eggnog cake with pistachio cream and marinated oranges should add to the flavor Vox jury to meet.

“Grill den Henssler” viewers like another woman on Steffen’s side (

© TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel

With Presenter Laura Wontorra the “I’m a star – get me out of here” legend also fell into one or the other chat. However, when the two women came to speak of the late IBES star Dirk Bach, the otherwise quick-witted jungle camp host Zietlow got emotional. Mr. Hartwich would have replaced the former moderator Bach long ago, but the humorous one would have Zietlow still the feeling “Dirk is still there”.

Grill den Henssler (Vox): Viewers love presenter Sonja Zietlow together with professional Steffen

Most “Grill the Henssler “viewer The small memory of Dirk Bach just melted away – and the jungle camp moderator also made a strong performance at the stove. On Twitter, the fans raved about the likeable IBES star Zietlow. “Sonja and Henssler are so cool to each other ”, said a happy viewer and saw Zietlow and the Vox cook a perfect duo. The RTL presenter Sonja won the hearts of the audience with the cook appearance and could with it Laura Wontorra make a lot of competition. After all, the cooking show is known for changing presenters over the years.

So far there seems to be no end to this “Grill den Henssler” moderation For Laura Wontorra to give. In addition, some Koch fans were more than enthusiastic about the season so far: “Super entertaining show. It was fun, ”commented a fan on the platform Instagram. For the professional Steffen the season finale also ended well. Because he won with a strong 100 points Vox-Gastronomers against the celebrity team, which could only fight for 89 points.

Headline list image: © TVNOW / Frank W. Hempel

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