Health Minister rages against AfD: “Stop corona denial”


Updated on December 18, 2020, 4:36 pm

  • After an AfD MP in the Brandenburg state parliament downplayed the corona situation in the state, Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher became loud.
  • For the Green politician and former clinician, the statements from the ranks of the right-wing extremist party clearly audibly went too far.
  • In her emotional speech, Nonnemacher referred to impending bottlenecks, especially in clinics in the south of Brandenburg.

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It is a topic in which, in view of the hundreds of new corona deaths and overburdened clinics, no excessive potential for conflict was to be expected: “Financial aid for all hospitals in Brandenburg” was the agenda item in the state parliament in Potsdam on Thursday Wednesday.

Nevertheless, Brandenburg’s Minister of Health Ursula Nonnemacher was loud in her speech – not because of the underlying application of the Left Party, which the red-black-green government coalition rejects, but because of it Statements on the corona pandemic from the ranks of the AfD.

Brandenburg moves 51 corona patients to Berlin

“Before I speak on the subject here, I just have to express my disconcertment again,” the Green politician began calmly. Then to explode: “Ms. Barthel (AfD politician Sabine Barthel, editor’s note), what are you talking about here? Tomorrow we are moving 51 patients to Berlin!

Nonnemacher had asked the neighboring federal state for help because of an impending bottleneck in hospitals. In Brandenburg, the situation is very tense, especially in the south of the country. “Why don’t you stop this corona denial”, scolded Nonnemacher in the direction of the AfD. “I really can’t take it anymore! Go south, talk to the district administrators or the clinic directors or doctors or nurses there!”

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Nonnemacher: “You will remain a dentist and a right-wing extremist”

According to the health minister, who herself worked for several decades as a clinician in the Spandau hospital, the situation is so dramatic that some district administrators deny Call out a disaster want. “You just have no idea, I’m getting tired of it”, explained Nonnemacher, who had visibly spoken in a rage.

Then she took on the AfD parliamentary group leader Hans-Christoph Berndt: Berndt never worked clinically and never stood in an emergency room, emphasizes Nonnemacher. “They don’t know what it’s like when a patient suffocates.” The 63-year-old emphasizes: “You remain a dentist and a right-wing extremist.” Berndt is the spokesman for the right-wing extremist association “Zukunft Heimat”, which, like the AfD’s regional association, is monitored by the Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution. (mf)

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