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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Education, Susanne Eisenmann, is extremely critical of the proposal by the National Science Academy Leopoldina for a temporary abolition of compulsory schooling from next week. “Because that means nothing more than nationwide school closings – and not even distance learning,” said the CDU politician in Stuttgart on Tuesday. “We want to continue to avoid this drastic step of nationwide school closings because we have learned from the time in spring.”

Instead, it is possible to alternate between face-to-face and distance learning in regions with very high corona numbers. “In addition, the number of closed schools and school classes or groups in quarantine is still comparatively low.” One absolutely wants to avoid a nationwide standstill for education. “It is a bit surprising that a scientific institution of all places demands this,” criticized Eisenmann.

The minister and CDU top candidate for the state elections in March 2021 agrees with a lockdown after the Christmas holidays when the schools are closed anyway. But the Leopoldina is sometimes wrong with its suggestions: “Some demands show that the Leopoldina does not seem to be completely up to date with the Corona measures. The idea of ​​stopping group activities in the field of sport and culture is in Baden -Württemberg has been a reality for weeks. “

Due to the persistently high corona numbers, the scientists had insisted on a drastic tightening of the restrictions from next week. The holidays and the turn of the year should be used for a “hard lockdown”, it said. In a first step, compulsory schooling should be lifted from next Monday (December 14th) until the Christmas holidays. This means that the students no longer have to come to school, explained a spokeswoman for the Leopoldina. This does not release you from the obligation to solve tasks at home. From December 24th to at least January 10th, “public life in all of Germany should be largely idle”.

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