Hebein resigns as party leader of the Viennese Greens in January


The former vice mayor announced on Facebook on Wednesday that she would resign from the party chairmanship in mid-January. State party secretary Peter Kristfel takes over this function on an interim basis. The succession should be clarified by June at the latest.

Dear people, the year is drawing to a close and it is time to say goodbye to you and you as regional party chairmen of the Viennese Greens. As a result of the dynamics and decisions in the City Hall Club, I will be resigning from the party chairmanship in January if I cannot do justice to the task of representing the entire state party, that can only be done together, “said Hebein.

Hebein was able to achieve the historically best result for their party for the Viennese Greens in the Vienna election in October. Nevertheless, after ten years the kos were thrown out of the coalition with the SP. The then deputy mayor and city councilor was no longer entrusted with any function by the town hall club. Hebein then renounced her council mandate, but initially remained party leader. She was elected for this office until the end of 2021. Although she announced in November that she wanted to resign from this post much earlier.

In her Facebook posting, she specified that the handover would take place in mid-January. “A new party chairmanship is to be elected in June at the latest. The state leadership will prepare an open, participatory process for this,” declared Hebein. When asked by the APA, a party spokesman said that the new party leadership would be elected at the next state assembly, which will take place in June at the latest. The exact modalities are still being worked out. Such a lengthy procedure as in the top election, which Hebein made the top candidate in the Vienna election in 2018 – and thus the successor to Maria Vassilakou – as well as the party leader, will not take place this time, it said.

The trained social worker Hebein sat for the Greens in Vienna’s municipal council and state parliament from 2010. In 2019 she succeeded Vassilakou in the office of Vice Mayor and City Councilor for Transport. “ Sometimes you have to draw political conclusions and make decisions that are not easy, especially if they mean farewell after 18 years of Viennese Green politics,” she stated in her post. She left the question about her future open – only one thing: “ Those who know me know that I will continue to get involved. Where and how I will make my contribution to a better world in the future I do not yet know. I am I’m sure I’ll meet some of you along the way. ”


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