Heidi Klum (Prosieben / GNTM) speaks of personal GNTM end: Will SHE be her successor? First details


Has Heidi Klum slowly enough of the model search after 13 seasons of GNTM? Daughter Leni could in any case follow in her footsteps.

  • GNTM maker Heidi shows her daughter Leni more and more often in public.
  • The top model even takes her to the set for the current filming.
  • Apparently her daughter is very interested in her job.

Berlin – recently started Top model Heidi Klum one thing that she had previously strictly and consistently avoided: the GNTM maker shows her children in the public. Whether on a tourist tour or at an art exhibition in Berlin – the mini-Klums with masks are everywhere on the Instagram posts. It is noticeable that theirs is particularly noticeable eldest daughter Leni in the Publicity becomes more and more present. The 16-year-old even has her own Instagram account, which does without a lot of content – there are just seven posts in her history – it still has over 200,000 followers.

Heidi is currently in Germany due to the ongoing Corona crisis. There is namely the new season for the ProSieben successful show “Germanys next top model” turned. She simply packed up her family, including her husband Tom Kaulitz, their four children and two dogs, and temporarily moved from Los Angels to the capital of their homeland. More and more often she takes Leni with her to the GNTMFilming. The teenager could get into theirs Footsteps to step?

Heidi Klum (GNTM / ProSieben): will daughter Leni be her successor?

“Sometimes she comes on set and watches. In doing so, she not only learns how I work there, but also what everyone else on a television set has to do, ”said the mother of four about her oldest daughter people.com and further: “I think they are very interestedHeidi explains Leni’s interest by saying that it is typical for girls and boys of their age to orientate themselves first. You are not only looking for yourself, but also the job that suits you. The young person should use the time on set as a kind of taster internship. The sniff is already showing its first fruits: “She wants to do what I do“, Heidi is pretty sure and then even goes one step further.

That Leni is hers Successor for GNTM, that’s not so absurd for the 47-year-old. “Who knows, maybe in five years, when I stop hosting the show, it will be, ‘Germanys next Topmodel – by Leni Klum‘hot’, she is already looking into the future. In any case, your daughter is playing with this idea. However, there can be no question of coercion. Heidi emphasizes that she supports the passions and interests of her children, but does not put Leni under pressure to do one Career in the Fashion industry start. After all, she herself knows best how hard it is Model business can be.

Heidi Klum (GNTM / Prosieben): Daughter Leni could take over format

“The industry is great and I love it,” says Heidi. She has been part of it for over 20 years – and very successfully. “But it also involves a lot of traveling. And it’s different, ”she explains. That’s why you have to be a strong person in order not to go under. “Especially as a woman you have to be very strong.” Apparently her daughter already had several Model offers to get. So far, however, she has refused to protect her privacy. That should change with immediate effect: “She is old enough now,” says the GNTM juror. “She is now 16 and also drives a car (Anm. d. Red.: In parts of the USA, a driver’s license can be obtained from the age of 16). So I thought to myself, if you can do that, you can also model. ”Of course, only if Leni wants it herself. (jbr)

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