#heiseshow: Foldable smartphones and new flagships – which ones are worthwhile?


At first glance, developments on the smartphone market seem to be exhausted, but devices with foldable displays – also called foldables – promise completely new possibilities. More providers are trying their hand at this device class and are surprising with new designs.

The more classic smartphone lines also have new flagships. Does what has been shown in previous years still apply here? A little faster, a little better photos, a little easier to use?

These and many other questions – including those of the audience – are discussed by Martin Holland (@fingolas) and Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee) with Jörg Wirtgen (@jockel70) from the mobile section of the c’t in a new episode of the heiseshow, live from 12 noon.

Thursdays. 12 o’clock. Live. heise online speaks to guests about current technical developments and network policy. Using tweets with the hashtag heiseshow you can join the discussion before, during and after the broadcast. The heiseshow is there …

Alternatively, the stream is also broadcast on Twitch.tv/heiseonline.

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We make a note of questions and comments that are not sent to us during the live broadcast. We try to incorporate this into the current broadcast. Suggestions for topics for the next issue are also welcome at any time between programs.

The heiseshow is streamed live on heise online every Thursday at 12 noon. The moderation team consisting of Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee), Martin Holland (@fingolas) and Jürgen Kuri (@jkuri) alternately leads the talk show, which lasts around 30 minutes, in which current developments are discussed with colleagues and other guests.

After the live broadcast, the program is also available to watch and listen to.

The episodes are available either to listen to or watch in SD (360p) or HD (720p). You can also find the links to the RSS feeds in the dossier box opposite.


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