Hofer dodges questions about relationships with identitarians


Hofer recommended a moderator, a “sitting circle with the identities”

On Monday, FPÖ boss Norbert Hofer had absolutely no desire to answer questions about his party’s relationship with the identities on ORF- “ZiB2”. After his distraction in the direction of political Islam did not help, he went on to counterattack the ORF. That is “a not very intelligent question,” he says when it came to the question of whether the board decision from 2018 on a function ban for active identities in the FPÖ still applies.

Even persistent inquiries from ZiB moderator Martin Thür did not help, Hofer did not answer questions about the identities – with the exception of the one comment that FPÖ General Secretary Michael Schnedlitz made a statement in November that “this distancing is now definitely over” , only affected a single functionary from Salzburg.

Instead of answering how he thinks about the planned ban on symbols of the identities, he accused the ORF of “doing the best advertising for this group” – and said it was “good that I unsubscribed from the GIS”, where the “compulsorily financed ORF knows nothing better than wanting to talk about a mini-minigroup”, although an Islamist terrorist killed people in Vienna (early November).

“That really gets on my nerves,” said Hofer, and recommended Thür “to make a sitting circle with the identities”. The “mini-minigroup” of the identities is to him, Hofer, that is “really irrelevant”, he does not want to “have to deal with it permanently”.

Hofer had already become a little impatient when it came to Corona – when he was repeatedly asked about the request made a few hours earlier by FPÖ health spokeswoman Dagmar Belakowitsch that the National Vaccination Committee, which she saw as too close to the government, should be replaced. This question is “not particularly important” to him and that will not be the key to the solution, Hofer avoided.

In general, he was quite cautious about the Corona – where the FPÖ often doubts and criticizes measures. He hoped that “the vaccination will save lives”, for high-risk patients it would be “at least a great benefit”. The FPÖ does not want to “convince anyone that he or she will vaccinate or not vaccinate”, stressed Hofer, and he “now thinks science is on its way”. There must be an open discussion about open questions – such as whether you can infect others despite being vaccinated. Because for him personally it is important “that I cannot infect anyone”.

He rejects compulsory vaccinations, including indirect ones (e.g. non-entry to events), confirmed Hofer. And expressed criticism that the members of the government will not be vaccinated until April or May – after the health professions and high-risk patients. That was “strange”, he thought, the government was relevant for a country – and the time would be “rather late if you are convinced of the right path”.

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