Homicide Egnach TG: The arrested woman is said to have been the landlady of FJ


FJ is said to have had outstanding rental debts with the suspect – this was confirmed by the arrested woman’s husband, who lives elsewhere. The 54-year-old is said to have worked in the red light business and have problems with aggression and alcohol. This is what a close friend said, according to the report.

As FJ’s roommate also said, she had delivered newspapers again because she had miscalculated when she retired early. She said to the suspect landlady: “She is a person who reacts first and only thinks later.” It is clear that she is in charge as the landlady. She also installed various surveillance cameras around the house.

Pretrial detention was requested for the suspect. According to the police, there is currently no evidence of other perpetrators. The search is on for an unknown male driver. He is said to have hitched the arrested 54-year-old from Scherzingen to Bottighofen on the day FJ disappeared. The car of the dead was found in Scherzingen on November 2nd.

* Name known to the editor

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