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Berlin-Spandau is now a Corona hotspot and is in first place in Berlin. What’s going on in the west of Berlin? I have health councilor Frank Bewig, CDU, met on the sidelines of a demo in Berlin-Kladow.

“We have high numbers in districtswhere the living space is cramped, where there are many children and relatives who live there together, ”Bewig told the Spandau newsletter from Tagesspiegel.

“Especially the Falkenhagener Feld and Heerstraße North has the health department in view, the development worries us. One case quickly turns into 6 or 7 cases, ”says Bewig.

“Maybe we need a harder lockdown againso that the high number of cases in Berlin can finally decrease again. “

What annoys him? “I find it irritating when I see so many people on the street and in local public transport in these times that I am sure that they don’t necessarily have to be there. Schools are less of a problem, say our experts. There are fewer infections there. “

And what are the reasons for the sharp increase in the last few days? “I’m still cautious. We’re still looking for a really conclusive explanation for the rapid figures in Spandau, ”Bewig told me. “We were always far behind in this comparison for months.”

“In the past three weeks we have changed our processing schedule and have significantly more colleagues from other offices in action. The Bundeswehr is also more present, now with 20 soldiers in the town hall, ”says Bewig. “The entire first floor in the adjoining building is now being used by Corona, so the lights will be on in every office until the evening.”

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“Every positive case is now fed into the system even faster, nothing stays there … that doesn’t make anything better, on the contrary: there are still infected people. But maybe these measures are also a reason for the increase. The situation is dynamic. ”He would prefer to wait a few more days to make a comparison with other districts.

City councilor for health, traffic, building in Spandau: Frank Bewig, CDU, is currently responsible for Spandau’s top issues.Photo: promo / CDU

So much for the corona assessment in the town hall of Berlin-Spandau. You can read more about the demo in Berlin-Kladow, where more than 200 citizens showed decency and attitude, in the current Tagesspiegel newsletter for Spandau.

And there’s a lot more breaking news from the west of Berlin. Here is a quick overview of what the current Spandau newsletter is about.

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