How did the virus come back?


The World Health Organization has commended Australia and New Zealand for effective virus control. The people there almost managed to eliminate the virus. But now it has come back from abroad.

Australia is reacting quickly after another coronavirus outbreak. The northern beaches of Sydney will go into another lockdown from December 19, 2020. This is where surfers return from the beach before the lockdown goes into effect in the evening.

And Himbrechts / EPA

The excitement in Australia is great: After almost two months without local new infections, there is another corona outbreak – with 39 cases in the city of five million Sydney. In Europe or the USA, the health authorities would consider themselves lucky if they had such low corona case numbers. But the giant island of Australia, like its island neighbor New Zealand, almost managed to eliminate the virus. With weeks of hard lockdowns, with discipline and willingness to help, people got the virus under control in Sydney and then in the second wave in Melbourne. “We beat the bastard”, “We have done the beast”, triumphed football fans in the two-thirds occupied stadium ranks. “We were at a wedding in Sydney and were allowed to dance and sing,” said an enthusiastic visitor from Melbourne on Facebook.

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