“I couldn’t stop papa from committing suicide”


“I couldn’t stop Dad from committing suicide,” Maud Angelica now openly explains in an interview with the Scandinavian magazine “Tara”. “But maybe I can prevent others from doing so.” Some time ago, women’s magazine named the 17-year-old as “the bravest woman of 2020”. “Papa would be proud of me,” she is sure.

But not only her late father, also Mama Märtha Louise is super proud of her mature daughter. Because Maud’s open approach to the subject of suicide has already helped people not to take the drastic step. Maud herself admits to using support groups and psychological help to come to terms with the loss of her father. She also works to ensure that topics relating to mental health are included in the school curriculum.

Her emotional speech about her father’s death at his funeral had already garnered a lot of recognition for Maud. The 17-year-old would like to continue to deal openly with the topic. “With this we can represent the bereaved so that they can all see that they are not alone with this difficult situation. Because it can happen to everyone,” she explained to “Tara”.

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