Illustrations for children: the drawing bear tamer


Berlin- No GDR children’s room shelf from the 1950s and 1960s was missing their picture book “Mischka, the Bear”, a funny Russian folk tale with the clever girls Mascha and Dasha, who know how to tame the grumpy wild animal.

The East Berlin painter Ingeborg Meyer-Rey, who was trained at the Charlottenburg Academy of Art, was particularly fond of animals, especially bears. They had permanent commitments in their stories. Especially since February 1957 in a picture magazine for preschool children called Bummi: On the cover the yellow, upright bear, at that time a painted alternative to the almost abstract, paw-stretching bronze sculpture of the heraldic animal by the hand of the West Berlin sculptor Renée Sintenis (still used today as a trophy for the Berlin Film Festival).

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