IMK boss Maier: a third of “thinking outside the box” demos right-wing extremists


According to Thuringia’s Interior Minister Maier, a third of right-wing extremists are involved in demonstrations by the “lateral thinking” movement. Demos planned for today in Bremen and Mannheim keep courts busy.

According to the chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers (IMK) Georg Maier, about a third of the participants in demonstrations of the “lateral thinking” movement belong to the extreme right-wing scene. “You can tell from the symbols and flags that appear there,” said the Thuringian interior minister to the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

Among the critics of the anti-corona measures taken by the federal and state governments are vaccination opponents and conspiracy theorists, where the gray area begins with right-wing extremism. Right-wing extremists would always seek connection to other social groups such as right-wing rock, youth culture, martial arts or the football fan scene. “Now the right-wing extremists smell the morning air and the chance to penetrate much larger layers through the ‘lateral thinking’ protest movement,” warned Maier on the occasion of the autumn meeting of the interior ministers’ conference next week.

Maier calls for stricter controls

The SPD politician spoke out in favor of the police preventing extremists from arriving from other parts of Germany in advance of “lateral thinking” demonstrations. With a view to the increasing violence in the vicinity of the demonstrations, Maier said that the police had to “strictly control the participants if necessary” – for example for weapons.

In addition, the constitution protection must check the movement. If there is enough evidence that “thinking outside the box” is an anti-constitutional organization, “then thinking outside the box should be monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution”. Bremen’s Senator for the Interior Ulrich Mäurer and the President of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Stephan J. Kramer, made a similar statement on Friday.

Soon a suspected case for the protection of the constitution?

Kramer expects that the movement will soon be classified as a suspected case. The background was a meeting of the organizers of the “lateral thinking” demonstrations against the corona measures with members of the Reich citizen scene in Saalfeld, he said.

It can be observed that “right-wing extremists, Reich citizens, vaccine opponents and conspiracy fantasies” “take over the rule” in the “lateral thinking” movement, after initially appearing only as free riders. The classification as a suspected case enables the protection of the constitution to use intelligence services.

Mannheim demo finally banned

The administrative court has finally banned the “lateral thinking” demonstrations planned in Mannheim. The court dismissed a complaint by the organizer against a ban by the Karlsruhe Administrative Court. The court justified the rejection of the complaint with contradicting and vague statements by the organizer in public as to whether he seriously wanted to enforce the previously set conditions. According to the court, there are “deep doubts” about this.

The judges followed the view of the Karlsruhe Administrative Court, according to which it was to be expected that the applicant would violate the conditions at the meeting or fail to ensure compliance with them, which would be punishable. This threatens public safety, the court had announced. The decision that has now been issued cannot be challenged.

The constitutional court decides on Bremen

The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe has lodged an urgent motion against the ban on the “lateral thinking” demonstration in Bremen today. The application was received on Friday evening, said court spokesman Pascal Schellenberg. A decision on the application should be made promptly.

The demonstration, registered by the initiative “lateral thinking421”, was banned by the public order office on Tuesday. The decision was then confirmed by the Bremen Administrative Court and the Higher Administrative Court. The start of the demonstration is scheduled for 1 p.m. The police are on a large scale. “The basic rights of people are of essential importance and must never be restricted in any way, even in a pandemic”, the organizers justified the move to Karlsruhe.

The Higher Administrative Court had justified its decision against the demonstration by stating that there was no more lenient means than the ban on assembly. “It would not be appropriate to impose a protection and hygiene concept on the applicant, compliance with which is ultimately unlikely.” According to current estimates, up to 20,000 participants are expected at the demonstration under the motto “Nationwide Festival for Peace and Freedom”.

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