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Home Business In Tarbes: A third Airbus A380 is dismantled

In Tarbes: A third Airbus A380 is dismantled


The Airbus A380 hardly has a future anymore. That is why a third model is now being dismantled in France, which previously flew for Singapore Airlines.

Jakob Worth


Tarmac Aerosave has started gutting a third Airbus A380. The aircraft with the serial number MSN 010 previously flew with the registration number 9V-SKE at Singapore Airlines. It was phased out in autumn 2018 and returned to the lessor. Now the experts at Tarbes airport are busy removing parts that are still usable and recycling the rest, as reported by the Aero portal.

The market for used A380s collapsed at the latest as a result of the Corona crisis. At least the Dr. Peters Group, as the owner of the super jumbo, will still need spare parts for the now ever decreasing number of flying four-jet engines. Therefore, the decomposition makes sense, so a spokesman.

In the picture gallery above you can see pictures of the dismantling of the first Airbus A380.

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