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Berlin (dpa) – Due to the later start of retirement, many people in Germany will hardly have any additional time with a full pension after their working life – despite increasing life expectancy.

Long-term insured men today have an average of 18.1 pension years. According to official forecasts, there will be 18.0 such years in 2035. The remaining life expectancy increases during this period for men aged 60 years by 1.6 to an estimated average of 23.6 years. This emerges from a response from the Federal Government to a request from the left in the Bundestag, available to the German Press Agency.

For women with long-term insurance, it will be 20.8 years in 15 years in retirement after 21.3 years today. The remaining life expectancy of women aged 60 and over increases from 25.6 to 26.9 years during this period.

The reason for the gap is the later retirement age. If you have 35 years of insurance and thus receive a pension for long-term insured persons, you can retire today at 65.7 years without deductions, in 2035 at 67. If you have 45 years of insurance and can therefore retire earlier, you will have more in the future Remaining years of life without deduction from the start of retirement as only long-term insured. But even with these people there are a little less such years of life than today, as the retirement age is rising here too.

Left-wing MP Matthias W. Birkwald asked the government how the age limit for a deduction-free retirement and the remaining life expectancy from 60 will develop. The figures were supplemented by information on how long people are actually likely to live after they have retired.

The background to this is a position paper from the CDU on pensions, with which the party’s federal committee for social security and the world of work caused a sensation. The CDU experts advocate abolishing the fixed retirement age. “Some of the time gained must (…) be spent in gainful employment,” says the paper. “It is therefore necessary to examine the extent to which the lifetime gained can be balanced between the employment phase and the retirement phase.” The proposal for the CDU election program for the federal election campaign in 2021 is intended.

Birkwald said that the policy of the pension only from 67 is an anti-social pension cut according to the motto “Pay longer and receive shorter pension”. This includes the CDU proposal for an individual pension transition. “This should unilaterally relieve employers of contributions while the hard-working employees look into the pipe,” said Birkwald of the dpa.

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