Influenza vaccines: Distribution of the “Bayern Reserve” to doctors


München (dpa / lby) – The flu vaccines of the “Bavaria Reserve” have been delivered since this week. Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) announced on Wednesday in Munich that the vaccines additionally ordered by the Free State have now reached the general practitioners via the pharmacies. A query among the medical professionals revealed an initial requirement of almost 440,000 doses. “So we made a good and necessary decision by purchasing our 550,000 additional vaccination doses,” said Huml.

Because of the corona pandemic, the Free State has for the first time procured flu vaccines in addition to the doctors’ orders, so that more people than usual can be vaccinated and thus relieve the health system.

So far, the flu season has been much milder than last year – probably also due to the contact restrictions as well as the distance and hygiene rules. Since more people than usual want to be vaccinated, the vaccine had become scarce in many practices.


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