“Jenke – the experiment”: Between beauty madness and horror trip


Updated on December 01, 2020, 6:36 a.m.

  • Jenke von Wilmsdorff is known for his daring self-experiments.
  • On Monday evening on ProSieben, the TV journalist goes further than ever before. He deals with the topic of cosmetic surgery in two fascinating and terrifying TV hours and puts himself under the knife.
  • After that he looks completely different.

A criticism

from Christian Stüwe

“If you want to save yourself the sight, close your eyes now,” warns the voice of Jenke von Wilmsdorff from the off. And actually, who happened to be on Monday evening around 9:30 p.m. while zapping through ProSieben lands, could think in one Horror movie to have landed.

With at least one ten centimeter long cannula can be from Wilmsdorff in a Beauty clinic Inject polylactic acid and plasma from autologous blood into the face. Threads are pulled under the skin.

As a TV viewer, it is difficult not to look away. The face is covered with blood, and cortisone is injected into the nose. “I just wondering if I’ve lost my mind“, said is.

A few hours later, von Wilmsdorff looks in the mirror, his face looks as if it had been worked on by a professional boxer.

“It feels like I fell under the iron while ironing my shirt,” he notes. And that’s just a foretaste of what will happen on Monday evening at “Jenke – the experiment “ will still happen. Because it gets much more extreme – and pretty borderline.

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Jenke von Wilmsdorff wants to look 20 years younger

As a television journalist, Jenke von Wilmsdorff has already experienced a lot. He traveled in Crisis areas, experimented with Drugs, got drunk for weeks and deliberately ate improperly. He disguised himself as a woman and had artificial labor simulated. Now von Wilmsdorff is from RTL switched to ProSieben and sat down on Monday evening in his next self-experiment with the Theme of beauty apart.

“What do I have to do to regain my youth? Can I look 20 years younger in just three months?” That was the initial question for the slightly more than two-hour broadcast.

First of all, von Wilmsdorff dealt with his own appearance in a rather unpretentious manner. The stressful life as a traveling journalist, the numerous experiments, the many hours spent in the Sun without UV protection and especially the many years as a smoker to have leave their mark in the form of deep wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

In the initial phase of the experiment, he tries various remedies from the drugstore, Face masks, creams. He has snails put on his face in Piedmont. That has a certain effect, but it can’t make him 20 years younger. So more radical methods must be used.

Jenke von Wilmsdorff divides his face into two zones

Von Wilmsdorff decides to turn his face into a field of experimentation. On the left side, a beautician can try several treatments to bring about rejuvenation. On the right side should be the Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Julia Berkei pull the wrinkles out of the journalist’s face.

He has no idea whether the halves of his face will eventually fit together again, explains von Wilmsdorff. “I often have unusual wishes. But that is probably the most unusual request ever made to me“says the surgeon.

After the aforementioned treatments with needles and threads, von Wilmsdorff finally takes a step that is significantly more blatant than anything that has been seen in the Jenke TV experiments so far.

He can actually be put under general anesthesia and operate on the right side of his face for several hours. Fat on the stomach is sucked off and injected into the face with a Laser the wrinkles are burned away. Smoke rises in the process.

It’s hard not to look away

Again it is very difficult not to look away. You can see how the breathing tube is pulled out of the journalist’s mouth, a mummy-like bandage is wrapped over the whole head. You’d think it would act as the victim of a terrible accident. Yet it all happens during an operation for which it is not a medical cause gives.

Again one wonders if he wasn’t doing this experiment crossed a limit Has. Von Wilmsdorff also asks himself several times whether he has not gone too far. In any case, Monday’s broadcast is for discussion about the purpose of such operations worry, maybe it can serve as a chilling example. Perhaps, however, it will also increase the desire for surgery among some viewers.

More and more young people are being operated on

Because it works especially with young people Beauty craze around which is probably also related to social media. The consequences and risks of such operations are often ignored.

Von Wilmsdorff meets with him even before his own intervention Influencers and beauty bloggerswho have already had operations behind them at the age of just 20 and do not even give the impression that they want to stop.

“Why should I go to the therapist when I can have my breasts done too?” One actually asks. The TV journalist also speaks to 27-year-old Isabell, who had complications after treatment. “For me, botox is like brushing my teeth “she says and wants to go on despite everything.

Von Wilmsdorff is now one of those people who have changed their appearance for cosmetic reasons. At the end of two remarkable hours of television that were both terrifying and fascinating it actually looks quite different.

Meanwhile he has one second time for six hours under the knife so that the other half of the face can also be adjusted. He will present the result in a talk that will be broadcast immediately after the Jenke experiment.

Jenke von Wilmsdorff’s new look is controversial

The new look of the TV star is controversial on the net. The wrinkles are gone, he actually looks much younger. But that’s no longer the familiar Jenke you know from many TV shows.

Somehow you have to Hollywood stars like Mickey Rourke or Sylvester Stallone think that have also changed their appearance significantly and their faces now masked Act. Von Wilmsdorff doesn’t seem to be quite sure whether the operation was a good decision or whether he should regret it. In any case, he’s still strangling with his new face.

Before his operations, von Wilmsdorf also visited one during the broadcast so-called Blue Zone in Sardinia. Here, people are getting significantly older than the global average, presumably due to good nutrition, plenty of exercise and a slowed-down life with less stress.

The journalist talks to good-humored and vital old people who sit on a bench, enjoy their life and certainly have nothing to do with cosmetic surgery. “I think everyone has to decide for themselves”, summarizes Jenke von Wilmsdorff: “We live in a time in which one no longer has to age with dignity. But can.”

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